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Stanley Kubrick’s Boxes

Below is Jon Ronson’s 2008 documentary, in which the journalist and documentarian (The Men Who Star At Goats, So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed) is invited to the late director Stanley Kubrick’s estate by his widow Christiane to examine the treasure trove of research material and more curious memos and instructions that he methodically logged in […]

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No Fighting In The War Room Or Dr Strangelove And The Nuclear Threat

When Stanley Kubrick and collaborator Terry Southern first considered adapting Peter George’s Cold War novel Red Alert, it was to be a straight thriller. But as they delved deeper, they felt the overwhelming mood was one of frightening farce. Kubrick stated: “My idea of doing it (Doctor Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying […]


Kubrick The Klown? Addressing The Perceived Lack of humour And humanity In His Ouevre

Of all the myths and stories surrounding Stanley Kubrick – his reclusiveness, tales of him wearing a crash helmet whilst driving, his fear of spiders (I may have made one of those up) – the most grievous is that his films are cold and distant, reflecting his dour personality. Kubrick was anything but gloomy, and […]

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