The Last Man – A Gavin Rothery Short Film

Gavin Rothery, concept artist and VFX supervisor on Duncan Jones’ Moon, has completed his own short film, apocalyptic psychological actioner, The Last Man. A soldier without a war is just a man Gavin’s synopsis states: “The Last Man is a 20 minute apocalyptic science fiction short film inspired by cold war childhood nightmares about the […]

moon 1

Duncan Jones: From Moon Dust To Gold Dust

Duncan Jones’ Source Code has cemented his position as a daring and innovative film-maker, snapping at the heels of Christopher Nolan. In some ways, his career has mirrored Nolan’s leap, from indie labour of love Following, to head scratcher Memento. Pretty soon Jonesian will enter the lexicon of filmic adjectives. It’s appropriate therefore, to take […]

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