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Catcher In The Wry: When The Rom-Com Went Retro

Ever since the first caveman dragged his mate back to the cave, men and women have seemingly been at loggerheads. In the fifties and sixties, sex comedies were all the rage, and the reigning queen was Doris Day. She embodied the emancipated but starry-eyed woman who butts heads with pig-headed alpha males like James Garner […]

Trainspotting -Poster

Trainspotting At #20 – The Poster

Did you know the poster to Danny Boyle’s runaway sophomore success Trainspotting is so iconic, so influential, it is on permanent display at London’s V&A museum? That an exhibition about its creation will take place at the Proud Archivist Gallery, London, in this, the film’s 20th anniversary year? Let’s step back in time and recall […]


Beyond Badass: Haywire

“You shouldn’t think of her as a woman. That would be a mistake.” That advice, or warning, from Ewan McGregor’s shady character in Steven Soderbergh’s lean, female driven spy piece Haywire, sounds a little harsh at first. Mixed martial arts fighter Gina Carano, spotted by Soderbergh on TV, had the film shaped around her skillset, […]


The Criterion Corner – SHALLOW GRAVE

Seeing as how Danny Boyle’s newest flick Trance is about to hit theaters, I thought it would be a good idea to review Shallow Grave, his first (along with Ewan McGregor’s first starring) film. As always, clicking on the the picture will link you to Amazon where you can pick up your very own copy […]

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