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Notes From The Frontline: 1979 Rolling Stone Interview With Apocalypse Now Director Francis Ford Coppola

It’s incredible to think how Apocalypse Now started out in the minds of  George Lucas, John Milius and Francis Ford Coppola as a cheap, verite, band on the run type feature. Sound designer Walter Murch recalled Coppola’s exhausted feelings after directing The Godfather PtII: “Why do films always have to be this way for me? Why do I […]


Scene Is Believing: The Godfather

  Arguably the most pivotal scene of The Godfather is when Michael (Al Pacino) takes the irrevocable step to cast aside his ideals in an attempt to save his family, by gunning down gangster Sollozo (Al Lettieri) and crooked police Captain McCloskey (Sterling Hayden). It is all the more surprising how powerful Pacino’s performance is […]


Francis Ford Coppola recovers “lost” Apocalypse Now footage

Now this is something. Speaking at a media appearance in Tokyo ahead of his imminent receipt of the Praemium Imperiale, Japan’s highest arts award, Francis Ford Coppola was presented with two unexpected gifts by the shyly hovering owner of the Tamagawa Inn, the Tokyo hotel where, during production of Apocalypse Now in the mid to late […]

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