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Full Metal Jacket Diary? There’s An App For That

Actor Matthew Modine has come up with a great ipad must have for movie lovers everywhere – an app version of his limited edition Full Metal Jacket Diaries, which was released in 2005 as a metal-encased book, limited to 20,000 copies. Modine played Pvt. Joker in Stanley Kubrick’s Vietnam war drama Full Metal Jacket, which […]


Anton Furst – Hell’s Architect

The Gotham City of Burton’s Batman was a very ominous place to be. Each tower on the broken horizon seemed to resemble an arm reaching out to the heavens for some form of redemption, each street seemed to lead to avenues of peril, and each sidewalk had gusts of smoke emanating from it like souls leaving […]

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Kubrick’s Metamorphosis: Full Metal Jacket

With Paths Of Glory, Stanley Kubrick laid bare the absurdity and cruelty of war through the callousness of French Generals treatment of their own men. With Full Metal Jacket, he sought to specifically deal with the transformation of young men into killing machines, as exemplified by Sergeant Hartmann: “Your rifle is only a tool. It is a hard heart […]

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