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The Great Unmade: Godzilla 2

In the news this week there was a report about a a 50-metre-long lump of rock hurtling ominously through space towards Earth. This vast lump of rock could spell the end for every living creature on the planet. Thankfully scientists have now reassured us all that the rock will miss by a good 17,100 miles. The […]

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Review: Monsters:Dark Continent

An overall annoying film. Firstly, an unnecessary follow-up to Gareth Edwards’ under the radar success, that subtly suggested we are ourselves the monsters, trampling over our fragile eco-system, and laying waste with weapons of war, the space creatures meanwhile, a serene, bizarre presence far less destructive than our own. Here, that point is hammered home […]

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Scene Is Believing: Godzilla

Despite it feeling like 2014’s Godzilla spent half the run time trying to muscle into his own movie, certain part reveal sequences really impress. Many scenes in Godzilla are shot over the shoulders of  ant-like onlookers at unimaginable forces of nature treating their neighbourhoods as their stomping ground, reinforcing the sheer scale of Godzilla and the […]


Godzilla Review

It’s here. It’s finally here. A new Godzilla film. Something I think we all felt may never arrive, certainly not after the last attempt, which we can all agree was horrible. This time the ingredients are all in place. A young “hot” director, a solid cast and modern special effects, which can essentially deliver any […]

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