Gone girl 2

Sympathy For The Devil? Gone Girl

Spoilers abound Gone Girl – not quite a mystery or thriller, not quite a straight satire on modern marriage either. It’s almost War Of The Roses without the slapstick; instead, a dash of De Palma, with Verhoeven’s va-va-voom, and a Hitchcock glacial blonde, pulling all the strings. In its delirious, mid-point bait and switch, and […]

fight club fridge

What’s In The Box? David Fincher’s Fridges

The devil is in the details. And one detail that crops up in all David Fincher’s films is the humble refrigerator. It’s a harbinger of doom (Seven), a key to plot development (Alien 3, an er, mortuary fridge), or an indication of a house that’s merely an empty set (The Game). In the case of The […]

fight club

David Fincher 1999 Film Comment Interview on Fight Club

  The following is an article and follow on interview with director David Fincher from the September/October 1999 issue of Film Comment, by Gavin Smith.   “Self-improvement is masturbation. Maybe self-destruction is the answer.” It’s tempting to describe David Fincher’s stunning, mordantly funny, formally dazzling new movie Fight Club as the first film of the […]

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