Christopher Nolan Explains The Structure And Story Of Memento

This piece contains spoilers Christopher Nolan has said himself that the simplest explanation of Memento for audiences is that it is a noire-esque tale, told by its protagonist in reverse. Although he prefers a different structural concept. “If you draw out the time-line, it is indeed a hairpin. If you order the material chronologically, the […]

la confidential vincennes 2

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: L.A Confidential

“L.A Confidential is a book for the whole family. If your whole family is the Charles fucking Manson family.” Author James Ellroy’s hard sell not withstanding, adapting his broiling, dense 1989 neo-noir of honour stained cops in early ‘50’s Los Angeles was an uphill struggle. At 500 pages, with over 100 characters, a timeline that […]

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