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Star Wars The Force Awakens: A Scoundrel’s Mantle

With each further glimpse of Star Wars The Force Awakens it’s clear that there is no reset button in the galaxy far, far away to a peaceful Republic redux. Indeed, with the revelation that Luke Skywalker is missing, and there is a sort of “death cult” that idolises Darth Vader, led by the sinister Kylo […]


Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade, a fan film

In anticipation of the latest Star Wars “stand-alone” story Rogue One, here is a surprisingly fun fan made short stand alone, featuring none other than the Galaxy’s greatest scoundrel, Han Solo. Han Solo: A Smuggler’s Trade stars Jamie Costa as Han Solo, with Corey Daniel as everyone’s favourite Wookiee Chewbacca. Playing the villain of the […]

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Scene Of The Crime: Star Wars Special Edition

  The Jabba scene, Mos Eisley When George Lucas first clapped eyes on what CGI could do for his mate Steven Spielberg’s dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, he probably rubbed his hands with glee and thought: “Great. Now I can improve some of those things that bugged me back in the ’70s!” Fair enough; replacing the […]

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