billion dollar brain

Guilty Pleasures: Billion Dollar Brain

    The third in moonlighting 007 producer Harry Saltzman’s “anti-Bond” series of cocky cockney Harry palmer films is actually the most Bond like, a wild, quirky international quest, brilliantly and bizarrely directed by enfant terrible, Ken Russell. Now is the  Midwinter of our discontent Russell was being given a lifeline by Saltzman and his […]

michael caine merv griffin

Michael Caine, IPCRESS, and Merv Griffin

Michael Caine’s first appearance on U.S television was in 1965, but it wasn’t in a studio, oh no *adjusts glasses* it was with top host Merv Griffin on his own bleedin’ doorstep, in his London Mews home. And we ‘ave it for you *voice drops an octave*

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