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Bond Without Borders: The Trailblazing “Reboot” Of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

“The lasting impact of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service is that it showed that a James Bond film could be made without Sean Connery in the lead role. The producers maintained that audiences came to the films to see James Bond, not necessarily the actor playing him.” — Bruce Scivally, The Digital Bits. Unjustly dismissed […]

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Reappreciation Society: Play Dirty

Lee Marvin, talking to Roger Ebert,  once dismissed The Dirty Dozen, in which he played a gruff major leading a band of cut-throats on a suicide mission to wipe out Nazis, as a “dummy money-maker”. Play Dirty (1969), unfairly castigated as being a rip-off of said convict commando caper, is a much grittier and grimmer film: […]

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Ken Adam: Designing 007

Draw a Venn diagram making up the formative influences on the James Bond series, and a sizeable slice would be taken up by legendary designer Ken Adam. German born Sir Ken Adam OBE and his Jewish family escaped the Nazis in 1934. He went on to rival James Bond for derring-do exploits in the RAF […]

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