Scene Is Believing: The Godfather

  Arguably the most pivotal scene of The Godfather is when Michael (Al Pacino) takes the irrevocable step to cast aside his ideals in an attempt to save his family, by gunning down gangster Sollozo (Al Lettieri) and crooked police Captain McCloskey (Sterling Hayden). It is all the more surprising how powerful Pacino’s performance is […]

heat blue-view

Mann – Magic Act

Can Michael Mann be considered a Hollywood auteur? In the following tribute to his crime films by Plot Point Productions, we see, rather than direct narratives, a recurring fascination with archetypes, mood, colour, lighting and composition. Moody blurring of the lines between cop and criminal – professionals with a code of ethics and devoted diligence […]


Hell On Wheels: The Future Arena Of Rollerball

In the future, according to the film’s strapline, there is no crime, there is no poverty, there is no war, there is…Rollerball. William Harrison’s speculative short story The Rollerball Murders didn’t take long to get greenlit, the author adapting his own work for the screen in 1975. When Norman Jewison first read the story, he […]

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