miami vice tri-border

In The Sensual (Under)world: Michael Mann’s Miami Vice

When Michael Mann revamped his 1980’s  “MTV Cops” format in 2006, he chose to deliver a cop drama again like no other: hyper-realised, impressionistic, big.  No longer bound by their Miami-Dade limits, slick cops Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx)  go so deep undercover, it’s no longer clear “which way is up.” They immerse […]


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The biggest fear that everyone had about another Spider-Man film was that it would be too messy and convoluted for its own good. The early teaser posters certainly did nothing to reassure fans with them featuring three villains. Everyone held their collective breath and hoped this wouldn’t be another Spider-Man 3. Sadly, that’s exactly what […]

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