Intermission Talk To Filmumentary Creator Jamie Benning

We’re pleased to share with you a new interview with our friend Jamie Benning, via a great new site, Intermission (you can also follow them on Twitter). Jamie as you should now by now, creates “Filmumentaries” unique takes on some of our favourite films, like the original Star Wars saga, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and […]

Jaws quint 2

Scene Is Believing: Jaws

  The Indianapolis speech There’s an old truism that goes “If it ain’t on the page, it ain’t on the stage.” That doesn’t necessarily mean a screenplay arrives at day one, take one, fully formed, immaculate. Many hands seemingly made light work of the Jaws script: novelist Peter Benchley, Carl Gottlieb (the main man), director Steven Spielberg, […]


Jaws the Revenge: This Time It’s Ridiculous

Imagine someone were to blow you up. Next they electrocute you. Then blow you up again in 3D. Do you think you would hold a grudge? I think you would probably be mildly upset. Probably upset enough to plan some sort of revenge? The shark in Jaws the Revenge is something special. It is able to lay […]

jaws brody and son

Scene Is Believing: From Jaws To Jones

I saw the Jaws restoration on the big screen this weekend, and naturally, it was dazzling. So many little details and nuances lept out at me anew. One scene in particular though, which has been remarked upon many times as a neat piece of character shading, reminded me of a scene in Steven Spielberg’s later […]


Behind the Scenes with Jaws the Revenge

Just how do you follow a 3D shark? Well, with one that travels the world looking for revenge, of course. 1987’s Jaws the Revenge just may be the worst sequel ever made, it’s silly, amateurish, sloppy and actually insane. I have written about it here. However the folks at Paramount obviously had high hopes for […]

Jaws3D bck

Sharks Don’t Die: The Making of Jaws 3D

Just when you thought it was safe to look at this website, just when you thought you could swim with dolphins and throw grenades around like there’s no tomorrow, we interrupt that feeling of safety and security to bring you an important message. Jaws 3D did happen and there is a behind the scenes documentary […]

jaws live!

Jaws Live!

It’s only a stage if you look at it from the stalls This is a theatre production worthy of Rushmore‘s Max Fischer – a stage recreation of Steven Spielberg’s Jaws! In July of this year, that’s just what happened at The Old Murder House Theatre in Austin, Texas. Cast members Byron Brown (Chief Brody), John […]

inside jaws screen shot

Inside Jaws , A Filmumentary By Jamie Benning

Well, this is a pleasant surprise! Jamie Benning, the creator of unique filmumentaries Star Wars Begins, Building Empire, Returning To Jedi and Raiding The Lost Ark, is ahead of schedule and so impatient to share the goodies, he has released his latest fan documentary, Inside Jaws,  a week early. Jamie is a busy guy these […]

jaws dune

The Lady And The Shark

American author Joe Hill (son of authors Stephen and Tabitha King) has put up a trippy, spooky theory on his blog, linking the film Jaws to the mystery of a dead woman found in Provincetown, MA in late 1974. The woman came to be known as “The Lady in The Dunes” and her identity and that of […]



“Sequelitis” is a series I’m going to be writing on several movies that seem to have gotten worse as more movies were made. I will try to stick to serieses I’ve seen all parts to, so we’re going to miss out on the horror movies that I’m sure fit into this trope. To start out, […]

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