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Spy-Fi, Oh My – Alias’ Kick-Ass Sydney Bristow

In honour of the trailer for the awesome Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, here’s a Carla Darko tribute to producer J.J. Abrams’ TV super agent, Sydney Bristow of Alias, played with gusto by Jennifer Garner. While it’s great to see so many tough and resourceful women in the Mission: Impossible series, precious few get to headline […]

star wars the legacy revealed

Star Wars The Legacy Revealed Documentary

Star Wars: The Legacy Revealed is a documentary about the impact the original 1977 Star Wars film has had upon society and filmmaking, with a focus on the place of the series in the continuum of cultural mythology. The two-hour program debuted on The History Channel on May 28, 2007, coinciding roughly with the 30-year […]

super 8

The Making Of Super 8

Apropos of Star Wars Episode VII wrapping, here’s a look at the making of Super 8, considered a JJ tribute to Steven Spielberg’s “suburban phase”. Another instance, after George Lucas, of the director getting to walk a mile in his idol’s shoes. Spielberg told Empire magazine: “JJ made a very modern movie, but at the […]

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Star Wars The Force Awakens: A Scoundrel’s Mantle

With each further glimpse of Star Wars The Force Awakens it’s clear that there is no reset button in the galaxy far, far away to a peaceful Republic redux. Indeed, with the revelation that Luke Skywalker is missing, and there is a sort of “death cult” that idolises Darth Vader, led by the sinister Kylo […]


Scene Is Believing: Star Trek (2009)

J J Abrams registers births, marriages and deaths The most emotionally satisfying and thrilling sequence in J J Abrams’ reboot of Gene Rodenberry’s “wagon train to the stars” must be the pre-title opener. Yet it barely (!) features any of the characters we know and love. What it does do is boldly set out the motivation […]

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Star Wars Redux: Practical Magic

The internet has Star Wars fans in a quandary, with leaked snaps surfacing of grungy costumes and practical, weather beaten sets from the Abu Dhabi location of  Episode VII, and now Han Solo’s ride, The Millenium Falcon, under construction at a secret location. This, combined with the giant practical creature (operated by five internal puppeteers, it’s rumoured), […]

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Comic-Con Panel & BTS Reel

Watch the full Comic-Con panel for Star Wars The Force Awakens below, featuring JJ Abrams and many of the stars, including a surprisingly non-grumpy Harrison Ford, making his debut at one of these shindigs. And then watch the behind the scenes reel and feel the Force of positive waves.    


Vanity Fair’s Star Wars The Force Awakens Photoshoot

The cast and crew of Star Wars The Force Awakens grace the cover and pages of the June edition of Vanity Fair, in what has become a tradition, with iconic images captured by renowned photographer Annie Leibovitz. A short video has also been released, confirming a few casting rumours in the process. For instance, Oscar […]

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Mark O’Connell’s First Impressions Of Star Wars The Force Awakens Teaser Trailer

THE TRAILER AWAKENS – JJ Abrams hopes this is the trailer you’re looking for Catching Bullets author Mark O’Connell shares his initial impressions of the new Star Wars trailer   “There’s been an awakening… have you felt it?” Mmm… away put your exultations. For now anyway. When a Bond film trails itself, it shows Bond. […]

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