the field 4

The Field: An Irish Lear

Come not between the dragon and his wrath Before his return to the big screen in Jim Sheridan’s The Field, Richard Harris often surprised Joe and Josephine public by being very much still attached to this mortal coil. But Sheridan was wary of the hellraiser after so long a break. “I did so many bad movies in […]


Scene Is Believing: Alien

The Chestburster scene, Shepperton studios 2001: A Space Odyssey on one level considers the birth, ascent and re-birth of mankind into a “star child”, gazing serenely upon the Earth and us, the viewer, with untold possibilities. Alien represents the Freudian nightmare tucked away in the recesses of the mind, a disturbing perversion of birth: life […]

the hit 3

Reappreciation Society: The Hit

The Hit (1984) a crime-land road trip by director Stephen Frears and writer Peter Prince, is a clever four- hander ostensibly about two hit-men (master and apprentice), a Spitfire of a hostage, and a resigned yet wily supergrass, travelling across Spain to meet a deadly reckoning. It also falls into what critic Matt Zoller Seitz […]

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