serenity opening

Scene Is Believing: Serenity

Serenity, Joss Whedon’s big screen send-off to his crew of rebellious “Browncoats ” from the prematurely cancelled sci-fi western Firefly, adopts a clever means of shorthand in introducing the crew to newbies whilst at the same time establishing their relationship with one another, their place in the ship’s pecking order, and also their home, the […]


Guilty Pleasures: Waterworld, The Rime Of The Mad Mariner

Spitballing with Roger Corman’s company in 1986 sparked screenwriter Peter Rader’s insane idea to set a Mad Max rip off on a flooded planet. The script became the film that sank the friendship of star Kevin Costner and director Kevin Reynolds (for a time), and became a notorious perceived gazillion dollar flop – Waterworld. While […]

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