judge dredd glare

Guilty Pleasures: Judge Dredd

  Is Stallone’s take on the Mega-City cop drokking good, or just plain drek? On the matter of Guilty Pleasures, I AM THE LAW! Judge Dredd lingered in development hell from as far back as 1980 before it burst onto screens in 1995. Trying to get the tone of the character and his world right […]

judge minty

Judge Minty Fan Film Now Completed

Judge Minty, the long in development labour of love fan film which has recently been touring comic festivals, has finally been released on line, and we have it for you below. The film, about an over the hill Judge who takes the long walk into The Cursed Earth, stars artist Greg Staples in a cameo […]

dredd 5

Review: Dredd 3D

I was mightily impressed by this take on the iconic character I’ve grown up with. Initial doubts about the lo-fi, one step removed “real world” almost contemporaneous feel of Mega-City 1 quickly dissipated. Dredd functions as an engine to illuminate the pressure cooker environment the Judges work in, and none are more hardened and dispassionate […]

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