Entitled: The Untouchables

When Brian De Palma relaunched an old TV series for the 80s he did it with sheer class. A powerful cast, a sumptuous score, and an opening title sequence that lived long in the memory. The titles were put together by Richard Greenberg of R/Greenberg Associates (Superman, Alien) and they are fantastically memorable considering they are just […]


Guilty Pleasures: Waterworld, The Rime Of The Mad Mariner

Spitballing with Roger Corman’s company in 1986 sparked screenwriter Peter Rader’s insane idea to set a Mad Max rip off on a flooded planet. The script became the film that sank the friendship of star Kevin Costner and director Kevin Reynolds (for a time), and became a notorious perceived gazillion dollar flop – Waterworld. While […]

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