usual suspects 3

Christopher McQuarrie Gets Verbal On The Usual Suspects

Below is  a brilliant in depth interview with screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie on his break out Sundance success, The Usual Suspects. If you still haven’t seen it, spoilers abound! Christopher McQuarrie was born in 1968 in Princeton Junction, New Jersey, where he attended high school with director Bryan Singer. He spent his first year out of […]

moon 1

Duncan Jones: From Moon Dust To Gold Dust

Duncan Jones’ Source Code has cemented his position as a daring and innovative film-maker, snapping at the heels of Christopher Nolan. In some ways, his career has mirrored Nolan’s leap, from indie labour of love Following, to head scratcher Memento. Pretty soon Jonesian will enter the lexicon of filmic adjectives. It’s appropriate therefore, to take […]

star wars lucas

Star Wars Episode 3.5: The Phantom Cast List

What if Christopher Walken was Han Solo? “Nevah, tell ME, the odds…” Or Kurt Russell? “I don’t give a fuck about your rebellion. Or your Princess.” Imagine if instead of taking our breath away with soft rockers Berlin, Terry Nunn adopted a danish headphone hair style and a life on the sci-fi convention circuit? In […]

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