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Mann – Magic Act

Can Michael Mann be considered a Hollywood auteur? In the following tribute to his crime films by Plot Point Productions, we see, rather than direct narratives, a recurring fascination with archetypes, mood, colour, lighting and composition. Moody blurring of the lines between cop and criminal – professionals with a code of ethics and devoted diligence […]

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Mann(hunter) On The Horizon

The way Michael Mann frames characters in wide shots in Manhunter tells its own story, one of alternate hope, change, wariness, and uncertainty – also a power play between characters respective height and positioning against the horizon. Vimeo user and writer / director Michael McLennan has created a new video entitled Mann On The Horizon, […]


Scene Of The Crime: Drive

Love In An Elevator, Livin’ It Up When I’m Goin’ Down Driver (Ryan Gosling), the stoic, monotone, toothpick chewing doomed hero of Nicolas Winding Refn’s cool, eighties-riffing neo-noir Drive, is an enigma. A blank slate from an unexamined troubled past,  a James Dean / Richard Gere a-like driver for the movies, who seeks to be “a real […]

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Peeping Tom: The Cinema Of The Complicit

Has ever a film had more of a 360 degree critical turnaround than Michael Powell’s 1960 psychodrama, Peeping Tom? Possibly Heaven’s Gate, although at least Powell wasn’t blamed for the perceived ruin of a whole studio. Dilys Powell of The Sunday Times described Peeping Tom as “essentially vicious”. It seemed the director was wilfully flaunting a daring approach, horror as complicit voyeurism, […]


Scene Is Believing: Manhunter

  In 1986, Michael Mann’s Manhunter elevated schlock-horror to a thoughtful, stylised, forensically psychological level. Brett Ratner later needlessly remade the source material, Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, after the success of The Silence Of The Lambs and Hannibal. It seemed an attempt to cement Anthony Hopkins take on Hannibal Lecter as canon, and expunge Brian […]

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