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Mann – Magic Act

Can Michael Mann be considered a Hollywood auteur? In the following tribute to his crime films by Plot Point Productions, we see, rather than direct narratives, a recurring fascination with archetypes, mood, colour, lighting and composition. Moody blurring of the lines between cop and criminal – professionals with a code of ethics and devoted diligence […]

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In The Sensual (Under)world: Michael Mann’s Miami Vice

When Michael Mann revamped his 1980’s  “MTV Cops” format in 2006, he chose to deliver a cop drama again like no other: hyper-realised, impressionistic, big.  No longer bound by their Miami-Dade limits, slick cops Crockett (Colin Farrell) and Tubbs (Jamie Foxx)  go so deep undercover, it’s no longer clear “which way is up.” They immerse […]

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