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Pacific Rim: A Trip Through Nostalgia for a Review I Can’t Write

My introduction to anime was through Robotech. In hindsight, I learned I’d seen earlier programs along the lines of Voltron, The Littl’ Bits, and Grimm’s Fairy Tale Classics, but these were largely bowdlerized kiddie fair which didn’t stand out from the typical cartoons of the 80s. On the surface, Robotech seemed to belong to that […]

Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim Robot Concepts Featurette

Guillermo del Toro’s eagerly awaited giant robots vs giant monsters smash-up Pacific Rim has a new featurette, focusing on the designs of the various robots, or Jaegers, that humanity’s last hope pilot to save the world from the otherwordly menace from the deep. We have it for you below the synopsis, along with the previous featurettes. Pacific Rim […]

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