The Many Faces of Peter Sellers Part 1

There have been many hard nosed interviewers in the history of the journalism industry, from Jeremy Paxman to Robin Day. They made their names by cutting through the crap and getting to the point.There was no messing around with these guys. A person could walk in plugging a book and come out psycho-evaluated. But only […]


Worst Sellers: The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu-Manchu

Sometimes it is very hard to say goodbye, more often than not a short wave, or fleeting glimpse stays in the memory longer than a heartfelt hug or a protracted chat. In terms of signing off of your film career, Peter Sellers had left the perfect goodbye with the last shots of Being There. As […]


The Many Faces of Peter Sellers part 2: Hollywood & The Loving Light

In 1964, fresh from the success of The Pink Panther and A Shot in the Dark, Peter Sellers came to Hollywood to work with legendary Director Billy Wilder and Dean Martin for the ribald comedy Kiss Me, Stupid. Things were really looking up, he was world famous, sought after and had just married Britt Ekland. Not only […]

Peter Sellers Being There

The Many Faces of Peter Sellers part 3: Being There and the many wives of Peter Sellers

Throughout his fairly long career, Peter Sellers made many questionable career decisions. Some for the money, some for the plaudits and some pet projects. They were almost all further nails in his career coffin. However, these mistakes were not exclusively made in career decisions. They were also repeated with his wives. Sellers met his first […]

casino royale 1967

Scene Of The Crime: Casino Royale (1967)

  Throughout the history of cinema there have been spoofs and pastiches, tributes, and vainglorious failures. Then there is Casino Royale. To paraphrase Woody Allen’s character Fielding Mellish in Bananas, Casino Royale, in which he plays Jimmy Bond, the nephew of the great spy, is “a travesty. A travesty of a mockery of a sham.” […]

dr strangelove war room bts

No Fighting In The War Room Or Dr Strangelove And The Nuclear Threat

When Stanley Kubrick and collaborator Terry Southern first considered adapting Peter George’s Cold War novel Red Alert, it was to be a straight thriller. But as they delved deeper, they felt the overwhelming mood was one of frightening farce. Kubrick stated: “My idea of doing it (Doctor Strangelove Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying […]


Kubrick The Klown? Addressing The Perceived Lack of humour And humanity In His Ouevre

Of all the myths and stories surrounding Stanley Kubrick – his reclusiveness, tales of him wearing a crash helmet whilst driving, his fear of spiders (I may have made one of those up) – the most grievous is that his films are cold and distant, reflecting his dour personality. Kubrick was anything but gloomy, and […]

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