Re-appreciation Society: Southern Comfort

Considered by many to be a thematic sequel to Deliverance, 1981′sSouthern Comfort drives down the same lonely road and comes a cropper of the locals.  Southern Comfort is a superb, taut thriller depicting a group of National Guardsmen trying to negotiate their way out of a swamp while being picked off one by one by unseen Cajun enemies – […]

the emerald forest 1

Reappreciation Society: The Emerald Forest

Before Avatar, before Dances With Wolves, heck, even before Ferngully (!) there was The Emerald Forest, an adventure tale based on the real life story of a Venezuelan engineer’s 10 year quest to find his young son, spirited away by a mysterious tribe from the “civilised” encroachment on their land, and raised in the wonders […]

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