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Unsung Heroes: Gerald Home, Return Of The Jedi’s Man Beneath the Masks

This month’s Unsung Hero played not one, but two alien background characters in Return Of The Jedi, yet is probably even more well known to the general public for an iconic advertising role, which we’ll get to later. I’m talking about Gerald Home. Belfast born Gerald Home moved to Australia at age 16, later attending […]

richard marquand

A Jedi Tribute To Richard Marquand

Here’s a short video and audio compilation of interviews with Return Of The Jedi director Richard Marquand, a man unfairly maligned, being seen as under George Lucas’ thumb. Hopefully the recent excellent J W Rinzler book on the making of that film has gone some way to acknowledging the not inconsiderable input he had to the […]

jedi rocks

Scene Of The Crime: Return Of The Jedi’s “Jedi Rocks”

Imagine Martin Scorsese  takes the head staggers and makes an anniversary redux of his crime classic, Mean Streets. Harvey Keitel’s Charlie looks up from his drink as De Niro’s Johnny Boy enters the hellishly red tinted bar in atmospheric slow-mo, only, instead of being accompanied by the amazing Jumpin’ Jack Flash, his debut is marked by Elton John’s uptempo I […]

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Nova: The Magic Of Special Effects

Here’s a great TV documentary from 1984 on the making of special effects for many films such as Indiana Jones And The Temple Of Doom, Return of The Jedi, Explorers, 2010, and more. As we’re celebrating Temple Of Doom week, hasten to the 4.52 mark, where you’ll see Dennis Muren of ILM and others walk […]


star wars begins: the filmumentary strikes back

A long time ago, in a Galaxy far, far away, it was rumoured there was forgotten Star Wars production footage, missing scenes and all manner of behind the scenes goodies that Lucasfilm would have us believe was unavailable. They didn’t count on Jamie Benning… NOTE: This is an amended form of my interview that first appeared last […]

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Return Of The Jedi And The Forum That Time Forgot

Recently m’colleague John and I were discussing hypothetically how different things might have been had classic films of the past been subject to the intense internet scrutiny of today. Imagine a Harry Knowles on-set visit to Blade Runner, for instance: “Scott doesn’t know what he’s doing!  Why is Edward James Olmos talking gibberish? Why is […]

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Star Wars Fan “Anthology”: Green Leader

Web-comic writer/artist Daniel Warren johnson, creator of Space-Mullet, “an episodic style comic about a washed up, Ex-Space Marine trucker named Jonah, and his alien co-pilot, Alphius” has created a one-off Star Wars tribute to a favourite moment in the saga – the heroic sacrifice of A-Wing pilot, Green Leader, in Return Of The Jedi.  In […]

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Unscene Is Believing: The Deleted And Alternate Scenes of The Star Wars Trilogy

In a bit of a post Star Wars Celebration slump? Then why not delve into these curios – via The Playlist, Marcelo Zuniga has complied the deleted scenes from all the films in the Star Wars saga. We’re only posting those from Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return Of The Jedi. If you must watch […]

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Slimy Piece Of Worm-Ridden Filth: Life Inside Jabba The Hutt

Jamie Benning, he of the brilliant Filmumentary fame ( indepth docs, intermixing interviews, text facts and BTS footage with the films of Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, Return Of The Jedi, Raiders Of The Lost Ark, and Jaws) has lately been filling in time before his next major project with shorter , specific documentaries. […]

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Vintage Interview with ROTJ Director Richard Marquand

The following is an interview from 1983 conducted with Richard Marquand by Lee Goldberg for Starlog magazine, on his approach to directing Return Of The Jedi. Thanks to for the link.   A total fan and complete filmmaker ventures into the “Star Wars” universe for a spectacular finale to this battle against The Empire. […]

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