Macbeth 2

Review: Macbeth

So foul and fair a filming of Shakespeare’s most well known tragedy has Australian director Justin Kurzel conjured, that you will be both shocked and awed by this most arresting Macbeth adaptation for our age. The setting is faithful – medieval Scotland, the text authentic (adapted by Jacob Kostoff, Michael Leslie and Todd Louiso). But […]

Christopher plummer st undiscovered country

Sympathy For The Devil? Star Trek The Undiscovered Country’s General Chang

“Guess who’s coming to dinner?” The Klingon General Chang may be a deep space cold warrior, a warlord “frightened of change” as Kirk puts it, but as portrayed with deft skill by Christopher Plummer, issuing silken, veiled threats with poker faced guile, he is deliciously cultivated. Chang quotes Shakespeare at the drop of a Bat’leth, be it […]

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