mission impossible rogue nation

Scene Is Believing: Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation

Audiences and critics alike are having a blast with Tom Cruise’s latest Mission Impossible installment, Rogue Nation (keep that second fiddle handy, Jeremy Renner – there’s plenty of life left in the Duracell bunny star yet). Of the many exciting sequences throughout the film, the Opera House scene is being singled out as particularly brilliant […]

the world

The World’s End – Rock U Tonite

Ah, the pub crawl. That venerable tradition of getting shitfaced in as many taverns as possible in a single night, usually only attempted by the young and foolish. Only the crazy would try and complete the quest in their forties whilst fending off a horde of alien “Symbiots” though, like Gary King (Simon Pegg) does […]


The World’s End – Review

The funny thing about each film in this so-called “Cornetto trilogy” is that they all individually harbour relationship/coming of age dramas. Shaun of the Dead was secretly about Shaun learning to grow up and move on in his life, though obviously out of necessity this involved shooting his mum and beating a landlord to death […]

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