First Glimpse Of The Magic Hour: A Beginner’s Look At Malick’s Badlands

  Hi, I’m Noel. I’ve never before seen a Terrence Malick film, and Tim was kind enough to invite me to Cinetropolis for a series of articles in which I’ll explore Malick’s works for the first time, starting with his directorial efforts, then following up with a look at additional films he wrote and/or produced. […]

star wars lucas

Star Wars Episode 3.5: The Phantom Cast List

What if Christopher Walken was Han Solo? “Nevah, tell ME, the odds…” Or Kurt Russell? “I don’t give a fuck about your rebellion. Or your Princess.” Imagine if instead of taking our breath away with soft rockers Berlin, Terry Nunn adopted a danish headphone hair style and a life on the sci-fi convention circuit? In […]

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