Scene Is Believing: Glory

With 12 Years A Slave, based on the memoir by Solomon Northup, Steve McQueen tells the harrowing tale of a wronged man, tricked and sold into slavery in the mid-19th century American south. Many  terrible and emotionally powerful scenes have been singled out, including one where the proud Solomon (Chiwetel Ejofor), determined to live, breaks down and joins […]

Steve McQueen le-mans-1971-04-g

Steve McQueen: Still Wanted: Dead or Alive

“I didn’t know if I was an actor who raced or a racer who acted.”   On this date, November 7 1980, a true cinema icon passed away, aged 50, succumbing to cancer. One could almost say no “Cooler King” has ever supplanted his place in the pantheon of tough screen loners. I’m talking of course […]

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