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Guilty Pleasures – Superman 3

Superman 3 is not a film about Superman. It’s a film about Gus Gorman. Gus is the everyman antithesis of Superman: nobody knows him, nobody cares about him, he has no confidence or awareness of what he’s good at, he can’t control his impulses which keep him from having a job or a social life, […]


Sympathy For The Devil – Man Of Steel? Or Man Of Straw?

With the release of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, everyone seems to have got their knickers over their unitards into a twist over Superman’s (Henry Cavill) “killing spree” in Metropolis at the end of Man Of Steel, referenced again in BvS‘s ground zero eye view from an appalled and angry Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck). […]


Scene is Believing: Superman 2

Very occasionally in cinema there are movie moments that make you want to leap from your seat and high five with God. Obviously these moments are few and far between, but one such moment is surely up there with the best of them. The climax of Superman II. Superman II was a troubled shoot, with […]


Suicide Squad – Review

If DC was a parrot, John Cleese would be returning to the pet shop now to Michael Palin and demanding a new one as this parrot is well and truly “bleeding demised”. The exciting “DC Universe” we were told about, has entered intensive care and has called the family to warn them that the end […]


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Review

Imagine you have five complicated jigsaw puzzles and then threw them on the floor. Then instead of reassembling them or attempting to decipher the pieces into any sense of order, you instead decide to mash all five of them together while wielding a hammer to ensure that even the fat pieces that don’t go with […]


Why The World Doesn’t Need Superman Returns

  You have to feel sorry for Ross Webster and Lex Luthor.  Webster, having spent billions building up Webster Corp,  was clever enough (with the aid of an ace computer hacker employee who had been trying to swindle him) to manipulate the weather, try and kill Superman, and build a computer so big and powerful […]


Destroy Superman: What Went Wrong With Superman 4?

When Superman 3 came out in 1983, the world was confused. On the one hand it was a perfectly serviceable Superman film. On the other hand it was a whacky Richard Pryor vehicle. Combine that with the hilariously unfunny slapstick opening sequence and you have a curate’s egg of mammoth proportions. The critics and public alike were […]


A Tribute to Tom Mankiewicz

In 1974 Alexander Salkind, Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler (European uber producers) bought the rights to Superman from DC comics. The Salkinds and Spengler’s approach to making movies was very much like Real Madrid or Manchster City’s approach to football. You sign big names to the project and the rest will fall into place. They […]


The Making of Superman 3

EPK from the time of a film are made are usually 10-15 minutes long and don’t really tell you much anyway. More often than not they are just a quick interview with someone pretending that they are making the best film ever (while lying through their teeth). In other words, they are usually not worth […]


Guest Review: Mark O’Connell on Man Of Steel

The following review contains spoilers My Superman fixations have been well documented in recent times (MAN OF STEEL MAGNOLIAS via OUT magazine). My loyalty to the characters and franchise is wholly down to the work of director Richard Donner, Christopher Reeve, screenwriter Tom Mankiewicz and the pitch perfect roster of support characters and key creatives. 1978’s Superman […]

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