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Bickle’s Got Talent? The King Of Comedy

      In this age of television wannabes and quick fix celebs, it is fitting to look back at The King Of Comedy, Martin Scorsese’s prescient examination of the modern age’s obsession with fame, and a film he himself acknowledges as a sequel of sorts to Taxi Driver, another classic misfit story. Both have […]

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Hey Mickey – You talkin’ to me?

I don’t know what’s more perverse – Taxi Driver’s glimpse into the scum slicked mind set of Robert De Niro’s disturbed urban avenger, Travis Bickle, or this nuts and very funny parody by Bryan Boyce, Walt Disney’s Taxi Driver. We first see Cybil Shepherd’s Betsy with an animated blue bird fluttering on her arm. Instead […]

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Taxi Driver: New York Gothic

Travis Bickle, despite his occupation, is God’s lonely passenger through life, observing but failing to connect with others. It is telling that he informs the garage boss when he applies for a job that he has been riding the trains and buses at night, unable to sleep. He says he will work “anytime, anywhere,” but […]

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