barton fink

Unsung Heroes: Skip Lievsay, Sound Designer

The following is a 1991 New York Times article by Judith Shulevitz on the art of sound editing / design, tied in to the release of the Coen Brothers Barton Fink the same year, and honing in specifically on the work of their sound editor, Skip Lievsay. Lievsay has been nominated for an Oscar twice […]


Folk Singer with a Cat: Inside Llewyn Davis

Folk singer with a cat. You queer? Over the last thirty years, the Coen bros have served us treat after treat, we have become spoiled. With each new release they show more and more how important they really are to lovers of film and how vast and chasm-like their imaginations and inspirations can be. Their filmography […]


The Bighead: A Tribute to Miller’s Crossing

“Nothing is what it seems at Miller’s Crossing” so said the movie poster and it was right. Many say that Miller’s Crossing is simply a gangster film, which would be like saying that Goodfellas is a study in changing men’s fashions throughout the decades. The gangster element in Miller’s Crossing is pure set dressing for […]

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