ride with the devil

Secession And Sensibility: Ang Lee’s Ride With The Devil

Ang Lee’s Ride With The Devil, adapted by James Schamus from Daniel Woodrell’s American Civil War novel Woe To Live On, charts how naïve young men, divorced from a wider base cause (the Confederacy for which they nominally fight), emerge changed from conflict. Finding, one might say in the context of vexatious personalities of the […]

the good german

The Good German: Play it Again, Soderbergh

Of all the film styles in all the world, Steven Soderbergh chose in 2006 to adapt Joseph Kanon’s novel The Good German as a faux- noir, emulating the techniques and styles of Hollywood’s golden age, with no modern concessions. It wasn’t exactly pitched that way to Warner Brothers though. He told Empire, “I said, OK, […]

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