apocalypse now opening

The Doors Of Perception: Apocalypse Now’s Ghost Helicopter Flyover

The opening of Apocalypse Now is a phantasmagorical  fusion of imagery and sound, a strange glimpse into the mind of its hero Willard (Martin Sheen); as The End by The Doors opens, helicopter rotors swoop slowly, hypnotically in from the corner of the audience’s perception, then behind, over a jungle canopy that bursts into flame, like a deadly flower. […]


Scene Is Believing: The Godfather

  Arguably the most pivotal scene of The Godfather is when Michael (Al Pacino) takes the irrevocable step to cast aside his ideals in an attempt to save his family, by gunning down gangster Sollozo (Al Lettieri) and crooked police Captain McCloskey (Sterling Hayden). It is all the more surprising how powerful Pacino’s performance is […]

Apocalypse Now Huey11

Put on Psy-War-Op, Make It Loud – How Walter Murch Wagner-ed The Shit Out Of Apocalypse Now

Recently Walter Murch, sound designer and sound editor on Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now, told Nautilus the convoluted tale of how he hoped to secure the 1965 Georg Solti recording of Wagner’s “Ride of the Valkyries” to accompany the iconic helicopter attack on the Viet Cong held village, a major highlight of the film. According to […]

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