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Triple Bill: Real Human Beings, Or Counterfeit Lives: Thief, To Live And Die In L.A, And Drive

The following three crime dramas share a commonality of purpose and style, in the electro-pop tracked machinations of their flawed players. Three testosterone fuelled templates of urban male machismo – Michael Mann’s Thief (1979), William Friedkin’s To Live And Die In L.A (1985), and Nicolas Winding Refn’s ’80’s tinged love letter to both, Drive (2011). […]

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On Location: Reconnecting With The French Connection

If you liked our previous look back at the film locations of British crime classic Get Carter, you’ll enjoy this look by @cinematyler  on the locations of the car / train chase from The French Connection. As well as Tyler walking in Popeye Doyle’s shoes, there’s a wealth of illuminating information revealed, thanks to his in-depth […]

French Connection

Call The Cops! The Five Craziest Cop Car Chases

In Blitz Jason Statham plays a Dirty Harry type London Police detective, breaking the rules and busting skulls to get the job done, his way. But when it comes to delivering a full on car / foot chase, it gets a bit, well, The Bill. There is the inevitable scramble out a back window past […]

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