Sorcerer: Friedkin’s Ballbreaker

“What I did on Sorcerer makes Jaws look like a picnic!” Roy Scheider Jungle drums were sounding the call for William Friedkin’s blood in 1977. Critics judged Sorcerer, his loose remake of George Clouzot’s The Wages Of Fear, filmed in the wilds of the Dominican Republic, an act of hubris out of step with the […]

piece 2

Triple Bill: Real Human Beings, Or Counterfeit Lives: Thief, To Live And Die In L.A, And Drive

The following three crime dramas share a commonality of purpose and style, in the electro-pop tracked machinations of their flawed players. Three testosterone fuelled templates of urban male machismo – Michael Mann’s Thief (1979), William Friedkin’s To Live And Die In L.A (1985), and Nicolas Winding Refn’s ’80’s tinged love letter to both, Drive (2011). […]

the french connection 1

On Location: Reconnecting With The French Connection

If you liked our previous look back at the film locations of British crime classic Get Carter, you’ll enjoy this look by @cinematyler  on the locations of the car / train chase from The French Connection. As well as Tyler walking in Popeye Doyle’s shoes, there’s a wealth of illuminating information revealed, thanks to his in-depth […]

French Connection

Call The Cops! The Five Craziest Cop Car Chases

In Blitz Jason Statham plays a Dirty Harry type London Police detective, breaking the rules and busting skulls to get the job done, his way. But when it comes to delivering a full on car / foot chase, it gets a bit, well, The Bill. There is the inevitable scramble out a back window past […]

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