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Triple Bill: Real Human Beings, Or Counterfeit Lives: Thief, To Live And Die In L.A, And Drive

The following three crime dramas share a commonality of purpose and style, in the electro-pop tracked machinations of their flawed players. Three testosterone fuelled templates of urban male machismo – Michael Mann’s Thief (1979), William Friedkin’s To Live And Die In L.A (1985), and Nicolas Winding Refn’s ’80’s tinged love letter to both, Drive (2011). […]

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Mann(hunter) On The Horizon

The way Michael Mann frames characters in wide shots in Manhunter tells its own story, one of alternate hope, change, wariness, and uncertainty – also a power play between characters respective height and positioning against the horizon. Vimeo user and writer / director Michael McLennan has created a new video entitled Mann On The Horizon, […]


Scene Is Believing: Manhunter

  In 1986, Michael Mann’s Manhunter elevated schlock-horror to a thoughtful, stylised, forensically psychological level. Brett Ratner later needlessly remade the source material, Thomas Harris’ Red Dragon, after the success of The Silence Of The Lambs and Hannibal. It seemed an attempt to cement Anthony Hopkins take on Hannibal Lecter as canon, and expunge Brian […]

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