Avatar 6

Guilty pleasures: Avatar

Make no mistake, 3D greatly enhanced the Avatar experience, but each subsequent viewing, even on the TV screen,  still succeeds in transporting me to the most incredibly realised alien world. Avatar is a romantic epic, an ecological action tale, where director James Cameron wears his conservationist streak not just on his sleeve, but spread all over the big […]

the losers

Guilty Pleasures: The Losers

Based on a comic book for Vertigo, D.C’S “Mature” label, The Losers’  language and violence is toned downby director Sylvain White, but it still packs a peppy punch, with, guns, one–liners and good music galore from John Ottman (The Usual Suspects, X-Men 2). The black ops team are set up to eliminate a Bolivian drug lord […]

guardians of the galaxy line-up

Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy

Awesome mish-mash Vol.1 In retrospect it seems difficult to recall what seemed so risky about Marvel’s latest outing, the relatively unknown Guardians Of The Galaxy. Perhaps timing is one fortuitous aspect to its success (no.1 at the UK box office opening weekend) – with constant buzz around JJ Abrams’ upcoming Star Wars Episode VII, space […]

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