The 10 Best Songs from Muppet movies


Here at Cinetropolis we have a soft spot for The Muppets. In a moment of boredom John decided to knock together a top ten list based on his  favourite Muppet songs. Enjoy. If you disagree with him, make you own list in the comments box.

10. Can You Picture That

No one rocks out like Dr. Teeth and his band of wild men.  OOOH YEA! A gritty-fun little number from The Muppet Movie.

9. Scrooge

A tune from The Christmas Carol. Michael Caine looking grumpy while trying not to tread on furry puppets. Standard. Paul Williams returned to write the songs for this one (he also wrote all the songs for The Muppet Movie)

8. The Happiness Hotel

A lovely song with a chaotic flavour and superb lyrics. From The Great Muppet Caper.

7. Couldn’t We Ride

Hypnotising song and head scratching visuals. All that bike stuff is just showing off, really. From The Great Muppet Caper. The Muppet Show Fan Club newsletter (vol. 3, no. 2, 1981) had this to say about it: “In the first movie it was Kermit riding a bike. It was very easy to do that. It was just a simple marionette with strings. In the same film there was that whole complicated sequence with Gonzo in the balloon, crashing into the sign and landing in the car. It took forever to film that — and all the talk was about the bike! That’s why we have a whole bicycle parade in this film.”

6. Together Again

Very catchy and fun. Guaranteed to be in your head all day. From The Muppets Take Manhattan.

5. Stepping Out With a Star

Kermit goes all Fred Astaire. A jaunty little tune that will have your toes (or puppeteer) tapping. From The Great Muppet Caper. The Muppet Show Fan Club newsletter (vol. 3, no. 2, 1981) also had this to say about it: “Watch for the shadow on the wall in Kermit’s Fred Astaire dance number. It took 43 takes to get it right, the most takes needed for any shot in any movie.

4. Pictures in my Head

The latest Muppet movie was a bad experience for me. While it was nice to see them all back on the screen, it just didn’t have the Henson magic and was far too focussed on the humans and a muppet that I really couldn’t give two shits about. The songs were few and far between and this one is clearly the best example. Man or a Muppet was a poor Conchords B-side and the fact that it won an Oscar baffles me.

3. Saying Goodbye

A beautifully crafted song with a real heart. From The Muppets Take Manhattan.

2. Movin’ Right Along

Paul Williams brought his A-game to The Muppet Movie and Movin’ Right Along is a brilliant, brilliant song.

1. Rainbow Connection

A song that has become a theme for The Muppets and Henson himself. A delicate ballad that opens The Muppet Movie and carries the heart and soul of everything that is good about these loveable puppets. A truly classic song.  The 1979 Muppet Show Fan Club newsletter (vol. 2, no. 1) has this to say about the classic scene: “How does Kermit sit on a log in the middle of a swamp? Simple. Jim Henson squeezed into a specially designed metal container complete with an air hose (to breathe), a rubber sleeve which came out of the top (to work Kermit) and a monitor (to see what Kermit was doing), and positioned himself under the water, under the log, under the Frog. Jim spent about five days in this bathysphere. (It’s not easy…)”.

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