The Bourne Legacy – Trailer breakdown

After the blistering success of our Skyfall trailer breakdown, we thought it would be fun to do another. This time I will be picking apart the Bourne Legacy trailer. Enjoy.

The Bourne Legacy is an upcoming fourth installment in the eponymous Bourne film series, which is based on the novels created by  Robert Ludlum and Eric Van Lustbader.

1. “Kenneth Gidson”

In what looks like a debriefing/torture scene, we catch our first glimpse of our “Bourne-again” action star Jeremy Renner (Aaron Cross/Kenneth Gidson). He is very hot right now and here’s hoping he gets more to do here than in MI:4 (which wouldn’t be hard).

2. “Will you give yourself to this programme?”

Our new man is obviously having flashbacks and there are some dog-tags in that mirror. Shady dealing ahoy. Treadstone and all that, eh?

3. “There is nothing that you wouldn’t do for this country”

We then get our first look at Edward Norton (Byer) who appears to be our main antagonist. He looks like a right shit. I hope he gets his ass handed to him on a stick.

4. Boof!

Talking of which, we see a quick cut of Renner handing a slice of ass-pie to some goon. Nice work.

5. “How is he?”

We now see our first glimpse of Stephanie Snyder (Rachel Weisz). She asks how “He” is, and is told “he’s prepped”. She’s either asking about a test subject, or referring to her lunch as a man.

6. “That has healed well”

So our new lad has Wolverine-esque healing abilities, eh? Some sort of genetically engineered super-spy?

7. Bourne Grylls

Here we see our new man enjoying the great outdoors (not the John Candy film) and sporting a sexy, albeit fake looking, beard.

8. “Jason Bourne was the tip of the iceberg…”

Here Ed Norton is told about Aaron Cross (Renner) and how they have “never seen evaluations like this”. I smell bad-assery.


9. Booby Trap

Here we see Cross about to spring a booby trap on some poor unsuspecting goon. I like this new guy. He’s less shaky.


10. “He’s Treadstone without the inconsistency”

Our new man spies a name scrawled into the ceiling. Jason Bourne had obviously watched far too much Shawshank Redemption. We also hear Cross asking (presumably) a fellow Treadstone agent how many of them there are.

11. “Jason Bourne is in Manhattan”

A man from the previous Bourne films pops up and tips off Ed Norton that Bourne is in New York. A clip that suggests that perhaps Legacy takes place during the same time period as Ultimatum?

12. National Security

David Strathairn reprises his role as Noah Vosen and mentions a “National security emergency”, which again suggests to me (wrongly?) that we are operating in the background of The Bourne Ultimatum. As this isn’t the last clip to suggest this either, but more on that later.

13. Treadstone Links

There is also the return of Joan Allen as Pamela Landy.

14. “This man…”

The news there, asking questions about Treadstone and Jason Bourne.

15. Throwing a Paddy #1

We briefly see Simon Ross of the Guardian (Paddy Considine) from Ultimatum. We know he is dead, so why show him again? Unless we are running along the same timeline?

16. Treating a Ferrari like a lawnmower

Scott Glenn (Kramer – not that one) and Stacey Keach (Turso) talk shady in what promises to be an interesting plot.

17. Throwing a Paddy #2

We once again see Simon Ross being shot at a London train station.

18.Wiping out the assets

Looks like evil Ed Norton is killing off all Treadstone agents to cover his tracks.

19. Housewarming party

In a clip that reminds me of the opening to Hanna, we see that even Aaron Cross’s mountain retreat is scheduled for demolition. That will make him very angry I bet.

20. “Burn the programme to the ground”

Our previously kindly looking scientist suddenly starts shooting everyone in his lab. It would seem he is only following Norton’s orders. Looks like he missed one.

21. Escape

I am guessing that Cross and Snyder were on the list to be killed. They just forgot that Cross has a black belt in ass kicking. He asks Snyder (Weisz) “Do you wanna live? Because I wanna live”.

22. Action & Cars

That’s exactly what we have come to expect from a Bourne film. Car and bike stunts and some great camera work. Looks very exciting. Cross is also told by Snyder that his chromosomes have been altered. Ha. A super spy. I knew it.

23. Cornered

Another thing we have come to expect from Bourne (aside from a cam so shaky it shows up on the Richter scale) is highly creative camera work. In this scene the camera follows Cross and he jumps into a narrow passage. It looks spectacular.

Looking forward to August? You better Bourne-lieve it. I know. Sorry.

Check out the trailer for yourself:

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