The Empire Strikes Back Character Publicity Phone Messages

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In 1979, Craig Miller, Director of Fan Relations for LucasFilm, created a series of telephone messages by cast members (in character) to promote The Empire Strikes Back. There were messages from Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and James Earl Jones (no Chewbacca one though – that would have been hilarious!).

You called an 800 number (800-521-1980; 800 followed by the date “The Empire Strikes Back” would open in cinemas) and you’d hear a message such as Han grumbling about an easy ticket ferrying a kid and old man that turned into a rescue mission and hanging with the rebels with a price on his head. This would be followed by a suggestion the listener would learn more “when the Empire Strikes Back, May 21st, 1980”.

Miller says on Facebook page Star Wars Rare Vintage Photos that “I had the actors record them during their looping sessions for the film since they’d already be in a recording studio with an engineer, etc. This worked for everyone except Harrison Ford, who’d already completed his looping work when we were ready to go with these, so I took a sound engineer up to Harrison’s house and we recorded his material there).”

He’s posted some Clem Fandango-tastic outtakes (listening To Jones mull over his various emphasis cracks me up ; another suggestion to Hamill “Can you give it a harder sell?” ) which have been uploaded to You tube. Here they are, together with all the finished messages.







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