The Empire Strikes Back Vintage Documentary Unearthed

sw esb cast

It’s hard to believe that more making of footage from the Star Wars saga remains to be discovered, but fresh gold is still being dug up from the vaults. The latest is French journalist Michel Parbot’s fly on the wall footage from the sets and Norway location of The Empire Strikes Back. Previously this material was shown on two different shows, SPFX: The Empire Strikes Backshowing his footage of the terrible filming conditions in Norway, doubling for Hoth, and a look at the effects and model / puppet work; and a Dutch show that utilised his cast interviews and light sabre fight rehearsal footage.

After only previously having a thirty minute edit to view, Star Wars fan editor Adywan (Star Wars Revisited) has unearthed what appears to be  the full one hour documentary, and posted it on YouTube. It doubles as a fitting tribute to the late Gary Kurtz, producer on this and Star Wars, featured in several on set interviews throughout the documentary. Enjoy.


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