The Making Of Raiders of The Lost Ark: 1981 PBS Special

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Our friend Jamie Benning has already culled footage from this 1981 PBS TV special on the making of Raiders Of The Lost Ark for his excellent  Filmumentary , but here is a chance to watch the entire vintage show, courtesy of LoSceicco1976 . Among the gems in here you’ll see Paul Freeman as Belloq undergo a full head cast, all for a few seconds as the power of the Ark unveiled at the climax causes his head to explode. A bit akin to the reaction we have every time we come across great behind the scenes footage on this classic film.


Unfortunately the video has now been pulled for copyright reasons, but here is shorter, contemporaneous behind the scenes promo instead, which shows Ford cracking his whip at the swordsman, Lucas and Spielberg on the Ark unveiling set and the Well Of Souls set, and Ford quipping that being dragged behind a truck is “One more useless experience.”

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