The Making Of Super 8

super 8

Apropos of Star Wars Episode VII wrapping, here’s a look at the making of Super 8, considered a JJ tribute to Steven Spielberg’s “suburban phase”. Another instance, after George Lucas, of the director getting to walk a mile in his idol’s shoes.

Spielberg told Empire magazine:

“JJ made a very modern movie, but at the same time a very old-fashioned film because of his love for tradition and his love of capturing the voice of the way kids talk in modern times. The thing that most struck me was JJ’s very easy correspondence with his young cast. When he was talking with those kids, he became one of those kids. I think he celebrated the astonishment and invincibility of youth, and took a time-worn alien genre and made it seem fresh again through the experiences of all those kids who were as authentic as real life.”

Incidentally, have you noticed the Artoo figure by the paintbrushes on Joe’s desk in the film? The little droid also crops up during the climax when various debris is dragged up towards the alien’s repaired spaceship. Artoo features, even more so now, in all of JJ’s films:even Star Trek….

super 8 Trek r2



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