The Trouble With Movie Trains – A Top Ten

Runaway Train

To celebrate the release of Runaway Train, a cracking tale of escaped convicts on er, a runaway train, on dual format Blu-ray and DVD on 22 July, here is a subjective top 10 of perilous train journeys. All aboard!

10. Murder On The Orient Express 1974

Hercule Poirot has cause to regret snow on the track as the luxury Orient Express is delayed in the Balkans and 12 suspects in the murder of a wealthy, bullying american businessman face his “little grey cells”.

9.  The Lady Vanishes 1938

Another snow fall disrupts our plucky travellers in pre-war Europe. The eponymous lady is a British spy and has been kidnapped. Only the sparring Gilbert and Iris can locate her in time. With the help of Charters and Caldicott, two cricket loving brits created especially for the filmadaptation of the original novel, they help the train escape from the shady secret police.

8. Silver Streak 1976

I bet book editor George Caldwell (Gene Wilder) regretted taking the train instead of the plane ”because I wanted to be bored.”  Caught up in a screwball plot that owes several nods to Hitchcock, he, Hilly (Jill Clayburgh) and small time thief Grover (Richard Pryor) must retrieve the macguffin and stop the villains from escaping the train.

7. Back To The Future 3 1990

With the De lorean time machine out of gas, Doc (Christopher Lloyd) devises a scheme to push Marty (Michael J Fox) in it to the required 88 mph along a rail track. Trouble is, the bridge is out…

6. Runaway Train 1985

In this intense film from a script by Akira Kurasawa (with input from ex-con and future Reservoir Dog Edward Bunker), Jon Voight and Eric Roberts are two escaped convicts on a train (again in the snow!), and Rebecca De Mornay is the train worker stuck with them on the out of control behemoth. From going off the rails to being stuck on them, eh guys?

5. Batman Begins 2005

Bats (Christian Bale) drops in to the elevated train delivering The Scarecrow’s (Cillian Murphy) scare toxin to the water distribution centre at the base of Wayne Tower. Refusing to punch Ra’s Al Ghul’s ticket (Liam Neeson), he lets the fall take care of him instead…

4. Harry Potter And The prisoner Of Azkaban 2004

Dementors stop The Hogwarts Express and like an accountant at a party, suck the life out of the train. Harry’s face (Daniel Radcliffe) contorts in magic -y torment until Professor Lupin (David Thewlis) gets his wand out. Ahem…

3. Unstoppable 2010

Blue collar rail yard heroes Denzel Washington and Chris Pine have to stop a runaway train “the size of the Chrysler Building” from ploughing into Stanton, with a toxic payload onboard. Time to earn those paychecks, boys!

2. From Russia With Love 1963

James Bond (Sean Connery) and Red Grant (Robert Shaw)  have the mother of all screen fights in the confines of a compartment on The orient Express. Serves Grant right for ordering red wine with fish.

1. The Taking Of Pelham 123 1974

New York transit cop Lt. Zachary Garber (Walter Matthau) must wonder which is worse – hijacker Mr Blue (Robert Shaw) and his demand for one million dollars; the Japanese transit executives visiting his operation centre; the man-flu ridden penny pinching mayor; or the grouchy subway train hostages themselves. This is the quintessential 1970′s New York film. Gesundheit!

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