The World Of Oblivion Featurette


The latest sci-fi film from Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski is another stunning example of world building (or should that be destroying?) on an epic scale – seamless model and CGI  blending with vast Icelandic ash scapes, as Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough, “an effective team” together watch over giant hydro mining machines needed for off planet resources. Cruise’s Jack repairs the deadly drones that protect them, counting down the days before they leave for Titan, with the rest of the remnants of the population, Riseborough’s Victoria is his eyes and ears, and link to ghost in the machine controller Sally. But Cruise’s character Jack is haunted by dreams that feel impossibly real, of a life long ago before the destructive war that ravaged the planet. To say more would spoil things. Here we have a featurette that delves into the world of the film.

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