Top Alien Saga Moments Part 2


In response to Tim’s super best moments. I have come up with an inevitable sequel.

Dallas hunts the Alien (Alien)

The Alien is loose on the Nostromo, Kane is dead, Brett is killed and the Alien takes his body into the ship’s air shaft. Dallas has a plan. He will flush the Alien out of the air shaft. Dallas enters the shafts intending to force the Alien into an airlock where it can be expelled into space, but it ambushes him. The scene is filled to the brim with tension, terror and downright horror.

Alien Dallas

Rumour control (Alien3)

Ripley has warned the warden that an alien is loose in the prison and was met with disbelief. Soon afterwards, people start dying and a lone rogue inmate is thought responsible. The warden assembles the prisoners together to explain the latest theory. Meanwhile, elsewhere in the prison, Ripley witnesses the Alien kill the prison doctor and races to warn the warden. Upon her arrival the warden is grabbed by the creature and pulled up into the air duct.


Ripley vs Queen (Aliens)

The ultimate girl fight which is now as infamous with the Alien saga as the egg that started it all. A wonderfully taut action sequence with as many scares and jumps as kickass action. One of the many, many reasons why Aliens is totally awesome.


Underwater Aliens (Alien: Resurrection)

The one bright spot in an otherwise highly forgettable film. A nice idea well executed as we see a couple of Aliens attack our heroes as they try to make it through the flooded part of the ship.



Lucky Star (Alien)

Happy that she has now killed the Alien when the Nostromo self destructed, Ripley is able to prepare for her long hyper sleep (by getting into tiny pants). Just as she is about to bed down for the next few years, the Alien makes himself known and Ripley needs to think fast. Ripley decides to suit up and open the air-lock, and while getting dressed into a space suit, she sings the song “Lucky Star” from Singin’ in the Rain to herself in the eeriest of ways. A highly affecting scene which makes for a truly harrowing and memorable climax.


That can’t be; that’s inside the room (Aliens)

They have spent all night welding all entrances to the site and posting sentry guns around the compound. There is no way the Aliens are getting in, yet, they are appearing on the scanner within the walls. After an incredibly tense period of watching Hudson (Bill Paxton) read the scanner out loud as the Aliens get closer and closer, the marines think to look in the ceiling cavity, where we see hundreds of Aliens crawling their way towards the screen.


Tunnel Chase (Alien3)

Having trapped the Alien in the disused toxic waste dump, the prisoners were able to relax and wait for the rescue team. Sadly, a deranged prisoner thought it would be a good idea to release the Alien. Our prisoners then devise a way to drive the Alien into the tunnel system and lure it into the foundry’s molding facility, drowning it in molten lead, a sequence that is wonderfully staged and uses some awesome Steadicam techniques to achieve great results. You barely see the Alien, but the the POV of racing through the tunnels is just as effective.

Private William Hudson (Aliens)

There is no doubt that the most memorable character of the entire Alien saga is Hudson. Bill Paxton plays Hudson like the world is running out of assholes and every line he utters is burned into our collective consciousness forever.

Jonesy? (Alien)

After the Alien bursts its way from Kane, the crew attempt to locate and capture the creature by fashioning motion trackers, electric prods, and flamethrowers. During the search for the Alien (which the crew think is still only small), Brett follows the crew’s cat into the eerie air shaft room. Big mistake. The Alien (now-fully grown and scary as hell) makes itself known and dispatches Brett with its terrifying mouth within a mouth.


Wierzbowki!! (Aliens)

The marines determine that the colonists are clustered in the nuclear-powered atmosphere processing station, where they find a large Alien nest filled with the cocooned colonists. The Aliens attack, killing most of the unit and the marines get their asses handed to them. A brilliant action sequence mostly done via the marines’ helmet cams. We see very little of the Alien attack, but the gonzo style way the scene is handled makes for a much more terrifying ride.


The Space Jockey (Alien)

The spaceship Nostromo visits a desolate planetoid after receiving an unknown signal. Our crew soon discover that it comes from a derelict alien spacecraft. When they look inside the mysterious craft they find the now legendary and iconic, long deceased “Space Pilot”. The mystery of how the Space Pilot’s ship came across the Alien is something that has fascinated Alien fans for years (though Ridley Scott may be answering that soon with Prometheus). What the crew soon realise after inspecting the ship is that three are hundreds of ominous looking eggs everywhere. One egg in particular makes itself known to the tragic officer Kane and the rest is history.

 “It’s the only way to be sure” (Aliens)

With all hope seemingly lost and the marines having taken a huge beating, a plan is needed to get them off the planet. After much to-ing and fro-ing, Riply suggests that “I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit, it’s the only way to be sure”. Burke offers many reasons as to why this is a bad idea (mostly based on money) before Hicks takes command up and backs the plan 110%. An awesome scene that is quoted by geeks the world over, regardless of context.

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