Unscene Is Believing: Batman (1989)


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Tim Burton’s Batman has a number of unused scenes and ideas. In an early draft, the Mayor was to unveil the statue of Gotham City founder, John T. Gotham, during the city’s 200 year celebrations. The dedication ceremony is interrupted by the Joker, who reveals the statue outside the Flugelheim Museum has been replaced by a likeness of himself.

joker statue script

Here is the Joker statue, discovered on the Pinewood set by James of 89Batman.com. The finished painted statue now graces the original Planet Hollywood restaurant.

batman 89 joker statue


"This restaurant needs an enema!"

“This restaurant needs an enema!”

In another unused scene, the Joker’s goons chase Batman and Vicky down an alley after they leave the Batmobile. Batman rescues a little homeless girl from the hail of machine gun fire. The little girl, looks up at Batman and says, “Is it Halloween?” Batman grins, and rushes back to pick up Vicki from behind a parked car and the chase resumes…

In an attempt to evade the police, Batman puts his cloak over an unconscious Alexander Knox as a distraction. This was in┬áthe final draft of the script and the comic book adaptation, but was believed not to have been filmed. In the still below it clearly has – a male photographer is snapping Knox, while in the script it is Vicki who takes the shot.

batman knox-deleted-cape-1

Joker’s right hand man Bob is the last to face off against Batman in a street fight. In the final film he turns and runs, but a sequence was at least rehearsed, showing him assault Batman futilely with a large knife.

batman bob fight

A storyboarded sequence was planned out for a Dick Grayson / Robin origin sequence, but it was dropped as it would overcomplicate the plot. It was voiced by Batman: The Animated Series’ Batman (Kevin Conroy) and The Joker (Mark Hamill).

Finally, the film was to end with Vicki Vale discovering two kids dressed up as their new inspiration, Batman:


batman vicki kids





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