Unscene Is Believing: Interstellar – Absolute Zero

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Christopher Nolan doesn’t do deleted scenes, but if he did, they’d probably be…hang on, this is beginning to sound like a certain lager commercial. He does occasionally fill in back story in comic strip form, though. He did so with Inception, now, under his guest editorship of the December issue of Wired, he’s doing it with Interstellar. Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen the film and want to avoid any spoilers.

The issue is built around themes of “Time, Space and Multiple Dimensions” with several articles devoted to Nolan’s film. You’ve probably seen them online already, including articles on the strip below, which we are reproducing in full, thanks to Rope Of Silicon.

The comic explores what happened to Matt Damon’s character Doctor Mann and his robot KIPP, one of the original scientists of the Lazarus mission, attempting to locate a habitable planet, as the Earth is failing to sustain humanity. Mann has buckled under the stresses of a suicide mission, faking promising data to entice a rescue from Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) and the crew of Endurance on their follow up mission.

Nolan reached out to comic artist Sean Murphy after seeing some of his work online (colouring is by Matt Hollingsworth, lettering by Tana Ford). There’s a great interview with Murphy over at newsarama.com:

“In his own words, Chris said that he’d never written a comic and had no idea about the proper format. His script was hand written–mostly dialog with a few notes (and sketches) about visuals. He said he was happy to hear my notes on how he could make it work better, but I told him not to sweat it,” Murphy explains. “As a (part time) writer who’s worked on stuff like this before, I was confident that I could fill in the gaps myself without having to take up too much of his time. It was a risk, but I had a hunch I could give him what he wanted. My impression of Chris was that although he had strong artistic convictions (obvious from his movies), he also had strong managerial skills and knew when to let someone do their thing. My hunch was that if I acted professionally and made it clear that I was a thoughtful person doing my best to carefully work with his vision, he’d be fine with what I came up with. I was right–in the end, he only had a handful of tweaks to the art.”

Without any further ado, here is “deleted scene” Absolute Zero.

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interstellar absolute-zero-interstellar-comic-2


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