Unscene Is Believing: The Empire Strikes Back

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In which C3PO is a bad-ass

In The Empire Strikes Back, a whole sub-plot about Wampas (the type of monster that attacks Luke out on patrol on his Tauntaun) infiltrating the rebel base on the ice planet of Hoth was mooted, even filmed, but the scenes didn’t make the final cut. If they had, maybe we’d see why C3PO  (Anthony Daniels) was being urged by Han Solo to get a move on as our heroes beat a retreat to the Millenium Falcon as Darth Vader and his troops sweep through the ruins.

Here we see deleted footage inserted into the final cut as the for once plucky droid stops to rip a warning sign off a door that contains the violent, giant beasties. An unwitting snowtrooper opens the door and is dragged in by a massive arm. His comrades quickly lock the door, not even attempting to save him. Life is cheap in the empire, it seems. As we see Vader pause reflectively before pushing on, one wonders does he sense the dark side in the long forgotten droid he knocked together from scraps in Watto’s workshop?


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